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Marmor is located at the 601 km post on the North Coast Line between the major cities of Gladstone and Rockhampton.
The small township is supported my a limestone mine that was once served by rail but has long since put its output on trucks.
The current line is relatively new with much of it on a new formation away from the old single track line.
Just north of the township is the crest of Marmor Bank that provides heavy coal trains with a slight barrier to overcome on their journey south to Gladstone.

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2809 powers north to Rockhampton at the first of three level crossings on the Marmor to Bajool section as the sun starts to rise on a glorious winter morning.
22/06/2006 7:05:40


Above and below a loaded coal train at the same level crossing heading south to Gladstone.
22/06/2006 7:19:07



A 2800 class loco heading north past the signals protecting the crossovers near the level crossing.
15/06/2006 2:30:00 PM


A heavy 4000 class coal set passing the same signals with Mt Larcom in the background. The green light on the Up main is for the train pictured below.
15/06/2006 3:12:17 PM


Two 3500 class locos round the curve as they head south with a loaded coal train. 
15/06/2006 3:18:20 PM


3508 makes a second appearance on the page as it heads north this time with a empty coal set.
30/05/06 3.57pm


PN003 cruises along with a northbound freight, with such large horsepower pulling a light load these locos are seldom taxed on the NCL.
30/06/06 2.17pm


4047 leads its older brother 4004 with a heavy coal set in tow as they approach the Down Home signals at Marmor.
30/06/06 3.03pm


2846 powers past the Up Home signals at Marmor with a light container freight, the green is for a Up Pacific National freight. The photo below is a bit further north of this location in front of the lime processing plant that was once served by a triangle from the main line.
29/06/06 2.55pm


A heavy 4000 class coal train starts to climb the southern side of Marmor Bank on its way north.


Refurbished Tilt Train City of Maryborough glides down the grade on its way south to Brisbane. If you look at the backgroung behind the phantograph you can see the original cutting.
26/07/06 7.57am


3914 heading south to Gladstone with a loaded grain train from the central highlands bound for Gladstone in 2001.


A heavy 4000 class coal set still under power on the down grade to get the rear over the hill.
27/07/06 7.38am


2849 running down the southern side of the grade at Marmor in the forgroung you can see the original formation and some rail left behind. The original line curves to the left and and enters a cutting some three to four meters higher than the new one.
18/07/06 8.33am


PN011 climbs the southern side of Marmor Bank nearing the crest in the cutting with its northbound train. In the backgroud you can see the limestone plant that was once served by rail.
18/07/06 2.00 pm


2357 going hard past the 600km peg on the northern side of Marmor Bank with the Tilt Train replacement set.
8/07/2006 8:00:44 AM


Looking south from the previous location 2802 has topped the bank in the cut and is going down the northern slope with a light container train.
26/07/06 4.25pm


For the third time 3508 makes an apperance on this page with a loaded coal train in the same location as the previous photo.
08/07/06 8.15am


2849 heading south up the bank at Marmor on the Down Line so it can overtake a coal train on the Up line.
2/04/06 10.20am 


Same loco, same location different line.
8/06/06 9.52am


After stalling at the tree in the center of the picture PN006 starts its Brisbane bound train on the northern side of Marmor Bank by putting down plenty of sand.
The bottom two photos below were taken around the curve at the rear of the train.
18/07/06 8.56am


For the fourth and final time 3508 climbs the northern side of Marmor Bank near the 600 km post with a load of coal for Gladstone.
26/07/06 8.23am


A heavy 4000 class coal set running down the northern side of the bank.
26/07/06 4.06pm

Click this text to see a four loco empty coal train heading north down Marmor Bank in April 2006.


3900 class loco with a long but light train decending the northern side of the grade on its way to Rockhampton in mid 2000.

Click this text tp see a loaded Molassas Train power up the grade.


2363 and 2154D power up the northern side of the grade with a medium sized container train bound for Brisbane. 01/03/06


A heavy 4000 class coal set starting up the bottom of the northern side of Marmor Bank with a loaded coal train bound for Gladstone.
18/07/06 9.25am

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