Queensland Trains

Epala to Raglan


Epala is located five hundred and seventy-six kilometers north of Brisbane on the North Coast Line between Gladstone and Rockhampton and Raglan is situated a further nine kilometers north.
Epala was a crossing loop but is now just a name place on the doubble track line between Gladstone and Rocklands but does feature a cross over at its northen end a legacy of when the line lead to a single track bridge over Raglan Creek.
Raglan features a loop on the middle of the mainlines and trains from either direction can access the loop. It also features a small loop on its northern side marked by some tall water towers and is used mostly to store defective coal wagons discovered during transit.

Click this text to see the google maps page on Raglan. Just follow the line southeast to find Epala.


Three 4000 class diesel A/C units decend Epala Bank on their empty return run back to the mine on the Springsure Branch south of Emerald on the Central Line.


2808 powers up the short climb with a Brisbane bound container freight.
08.42 02/07/06


One of the few locos in Queensland equiped with dual control stands runs long end first as it heads back to Rockhampton.
The train was dropping ballast in the Station Road at Mt Larcom earlier in the morning.
29/06/06 13.03


A loaded coal train from the Blackwater area bites into the rail as it heads south to unload at Gladstone. You may notice the tree line where the middle of the train curves away, this is the location of the following photos of the bridge over Raglan Creek.
29/06/06 11.35


Pacific National Queensland freight running hard to the north on Epala Bank.
29/06/06 12.50


2484H with 2321 and 2314 in tow head north over Raglan Creek to Rockhampton. The new doubble track bridge replaced a single track bridge just to the south.
2/07/2006 9:37:11 AM


An empty 4000 class set running north over Ragan Creek.
8/07/2006 10:29:11


4027 leads a heavy 4000 class coal set across Raglan Creek on its way south to Gladstone. I would like to thank the cows for keeping the grass down to make this shot possible.
8/07/2006 10:32:27


3922, 3929 and 3907 acting as mid train units power their empty north under a dark sky, 3548 and 3559 were doing the honours on the front.
24/06/06 15.06


A empty electric coal train approaching the level crossing at Gentle Annie Road as it heads north not too far from the Down approach signals for Raglan. In the far left of the photo you can see the train headed by 2825 heading south around the broad curve leading to the bridge over Raglan Creek.
22/06/2006 8.47


4002 leading a heavy coal train south at the above location.
22/06/06 8.56


Looking south an empty coal train powers toward the Down Home signals for Raglan, the curve at the rear of the train is the one featured in the previous photo.
15/06/06 15.52


4045 powers north through Raglan with an empty coal set passing the Down Starter signals, the line in the middle of the three tracks is a passing loop accessable from both main lines. To the far left near the trees is the short siding where it is common for defectice wagons to be set out.
2/07/2006 11:39


Just north of the previous photo on the southern side of the tracks we see an empty coal train running past the Up Home signals.


About two kilometers north of Raglan an empty coal train heads north across the flat plain leading north to Marmor.
2/07/2006 1:23:04

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